Increase speed, efficiency and accuracy!

The Smartender Modular is a permanently mounted automated touch screen bar that delivers the perfect pour every time!

The Smartender Modular is available in both 16 & 32 liquor systems and ideal for either front or back of house locations at casinos, hotels, theaters, restaurants, bars, and other venues.

The Smartender saves money on labor costs.  No need for a professional bartender because now any staff member can pour drinks.


Key Features

The Smartender Modular Speed Pour ™ feature allows up to 5 liquors and mixer to pour simultaneously in less than 5 second (select models) without cross-contamination.

The Smartender Modular connects with any liquor pump room or can be used with Smart Bar USA’s 16 or 32-liquor drawer systems.

The Smartender Modular connects to your existing bag-in-box system or can be supplied with mixer racks.

The Smartender Modular connects to the on-site water supply, existing CO2 system or a carbonator can also be supplied.

The Smartender Modular is compatible with most major POS systems.



3 Tray Garnish Bin – located above ice for easy access and optimal freshness.

15 lb. Insulated Ice Bin – keeps ice cold for 24 hours.

Rotating Base Assembly – allows access to back of unit for ease of service.