Portability that delivers the perfect pour every time!

The Smartender Portable is the first touch screen bar that is both portable and completely self-contained.  Our patented technology ensures the highest level of quality, pouring every drink to within 1/20th of an ounce of accuracy, delivering the perfect drink every time.

The Smartender Portable runs on a standard household outlet.  It eliminates the time and expense associated with setup and tear-down of pop-up bars. 


Key Features

The Smartender Portable comes equipped with a cold plate ice bin, garnish tray, water tank, CO2 canister, and waste tank.

The Smartender Portable comes with a 16 liquor bottle customizable drawer and a 12-unit mixer bay.

The Smartender Portable on-screen computer detects supply levels for individual liquor, water and CO2.  There is also an alert when the on-board waste tank is full.


Liquor Drawer Benefits

Holds 16 liquor bottles with configurable compartments.

Stock the liquor to meet your clients needs.

Replace empty bottles within seconds.

Both bottles and mixers run off a "quick connect system."

On-board tracking notifies you when a bottle is empty.