Patented Smart System Software

The Smartender is powered by a patented software system that revolutionizes the way cocktails are served. Each Smartender comes with a pre-programmed on-board database offering hundreds of cocktail selections that can be selected at a touch of a button and poured in less than 5 seconds!

Smartender's intuitive user interface makes drink selection fast and easy to navigate for the user, making it perfect for service environments.



Additional Features

The Smartender allows you to choose from 10 on-screen categories for quick and easy access to hundreds of beverage choices as well as create custom and specialty drinks using the on-screen drink editor.

The Smartender offers garnish suggestions at the completion of each drink.

The Smartender is able to read swipe cards using the optional on-board magnetic card reader and provides a lock-out feature to prevent unauthorized use.


The Smartender has a drink tracking system to enable your venue to record the number of drinks poured, types of drinks poured, and start/stop time for each function and event.

The Smartender easily creates downloadable reports to external devices or networks.