Pearl River Resort & Casino, Choctaw, MS

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Owned and operated by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Pearl River Resort is the Southern United States' premier gaming and entertainment enterprise.

Pearl River Resort’s portfolio of assets includes Silver Star Hotel & Casino, Golden Moon Hotel & Casino, Dancing Rabbit Golf Club, Dancing Rabbit Inn, and Geyser Falls Water Theme Park located in Choctaw, Mississippi and Bok Homa Casino located in Sandersville, MS.

Pearl River Resort / Choctaw Resort Development Enterprise is a development of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, a federally recognized, self-governing tribe with over 10,000 members living on or near reservation land. 

The Challenge

As a leading casino resort within the region, Pearl River Resort was looking for an automated bar system solution that would help the property overcome the challenge of sourcing qualified and skilled bartenders, while maximizing bar service efficiency, output and overall quality.

During the purchase evaluation process, Pearl River Resort not only found the Smartender® Modular system to be the most advanced automated cocktail dispensing system on the market, but that it was also the most seamless in regards to integration with the property’s existing InfoGenesis™ POS system and Berg pump room.

“We were delighted with the level of innovation, the ease of integration and the way the Smart Bar USA team worked with us to ensure that the Smartender® operated to our exact specifications,” explains Christopher Hencyk, Senior Director of Food, Beverage & Sales, Pearl River Resort.

Pearl River Resort purchased its first Smartender® Modular unit in September 2016 with a view to conduct a detailed 12 month test to evaluate performance and impact on operations.

The Results & ROI

At the end of the initial 12 month test phase, the Smartender® Modular reduced operational overhead by 6.4%, increased drink dispensing accuracy (eliminating losses caused by over-pours) and increased service performance levels, giving customers a significantly improved experience.

“The Smartender® truly delivers across all areas,” comments Hencyk. “The direct cost-saving capability coupled with its fast and accurate dispensing innovation makes it a must have for any property looking to improve overall bar service and increase profits.”

Following the extremely successful 12 month test phase, Pearl River Resort then went on to purchase six additional Smartender® Modular units and one Smartender® Portable unit.

Target Field, Minneapolis, MN

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The Smartender machine has been a huge hit at Target Field throughout the 2013 baseball season. We have fulfilled 31 of a total of 35 requests this season with the hopes that we’ll add additional reservations before Twins season is over. What we find to be so beneficial about the Smartender, aside from the guest appeal of the machine, is the ability to offer our guests the option of a hosted cocktail bar where there otherwise wouldn’t be this opportunity. I’ve found that through communicating the advantages of the machine to our clients it’s easy to sell this as an added amenity and truly does help us achieve our goal of ‘Creating Special Experiences One Guest at a Time.’ I’d recommend the Smartender to any company that is looking to offer a unique experience to their guests in the form of an added amenity that is guest friendly and takes less than 10 minutes to set-up.

I’ve enjoyed working with the entire Smart Bar USA team and I couldn’t be happier with the service and support they provide to the suites department at Target Field.

Jessica Dalbec, Suites Manager – Target Field

St. Paul Fish Co., Milwaukee, WI

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The Smart Bar system proved to be just the thing we were looking for. The ability for each server to pour his or her own drinks, all in a quality-controlled environment, was a major plus. In addition, there is a limited chance for overpours or theft. We chose to integrate the Smart Bar system into our existing POS system. The actual installation of the Smart Bar went very smoothly. There were a few changes that needed to be made to the names of our menu items to match the Smart Bar, but this only gave us a greater understanding of how to edit and activate menu items. We had also chosen a few liquors that were not included in the database, and were impressed with the ability to connect to the Smart Bar server and retrieve them into our database. We were surprised at the sheer number of drink recipes that we available in the Smart Bar database, so much so that we immediately expanded our planned menu to include more specialty drinks. Once the Smart Bar was up and running, it was incredibly easy to fix any problems that arose because the Smart Bar literally spells out exactly what it needs, whether it’s more gas, water, or ice.

All in all, I can’t recommend Smart Bar enough. Even for a small business like us, we received great service and training. It has proven to be the perfect solution for expanding our liquor sales. When we weighed what the costs would be to staff and train a bartender, store and secure our liquor stock, deal with the issues of theft and over-pours, staff giving out free drinks, and all of the issues that go with serving liquor it was clear that the Smart Bar was the only option. It has not only saved us money, it has saved us a million headaches. It integrated into our restaurant so easily that one day we only served wine and beer and the next we were fully up and running. It has proven to be a great investment and one which was supported by great service and training.

Devan Schneider, St. Paul Fish Co.